Could this guy who doesn't text as much as before be losing interest?

I met this guy, had two awesome dates, but he had to leave for work, 10 hours away and won't be coming back on his days off, so a good 7 weeks until we can hang out again. He text like crazy the first few days he was back at work, saying how much he can't wait to take me on another date and making a bunch of plans, he even wanted me to know he wasn't looking for anyone else. Now he is barely talking, I Mean we haven't talked at all today and that's like the first day ever. he still won't be back for another 4 weeks, but how do we keep this going? He hasn't been working because it's slow, so he's been hanging with friends.. am I just being paranoid? ? guys don't have to talk every day right? or oculd he be loosing interest because he's so far away.


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  • I would say you've got a few things going on:
    1. He's not interested. Perhaps a new fling or who knows. I wouldn't worry about this.
    2. He's got other stuff taking up his time: work, social life, etc. Don't get bogged down in this.
    3. His cell is damaged.

    No matter, get on with your own life.

  • Wow... easy... relationships need time and space. Thats how they grow. If you fret about 1 day when he doesn't talk to you your sending out the message your insecure about yourself... just relax.. once me and my (then) girl didmt talk for a week and a half bit we where still nuts about each other... i broke it off a year later when i moved countries but the point is time space creates mystery... it makes both miss each other. Dont chase the cat away if you know what i mean. Text him every now and again


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