Need advice on how to move on?

I started talking to a gal I met online, however due to distances we were unable to meet. We had talked for several months and needless to say I really did began to like her quite a bit. But we were both in different stages in life and she seemed unwilling to wait a year for us to finally meet up. We had gotten into an argument partly due to my fault and afterwards she would not speak to me at all. We had gotten very close and we had spoken to one another everyday for a lot of months. She became someone really important to me and just losing her is devastating for me. I just can't see or think of any gal I could ever have that would even come close to being as beautiful nor as amazing as she was. I truly wanted her and can't think of anyone that would make me as happy as she would have. Im just not interested at all with the girls at my college nor the ones i see but she. She just stood out so much from the rest and was on a league of her own. And tbh I believe she was the best I could have gotten. v. v Im at a loss on what to do or how to move on..


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  • I'm sorry :-(
    It will hurt for a while, there's just no avoiding that.
    Everything will seem blah. The things you really enjoyed before will just be plain and not as enjoyable. You'll think of her a lot and feel awful when you do.
    But it will get better.
    You need to keep yourself away from her, that's important when trying to get over someone, trying to move on from them.
    You need to keep yourself busy with things you do enjoy. You need to surround yourself with the people in your life that care about you and support you. Go out, have fun, MAKE yourself, if you have to.
    It will get better... you'll find yourself thinking of her less and less, getting upset about it less and less, you'll feel yourself pulling away and finally seeing the world as it was again.
    Keep you head up, you won't feel like this forever. You just have to go through it.

    How long ago did it end, just for reference?

    • about 2-3 weeks ago.

    • Ahh, so it's very fresh.
      I'm sorry... but it will hurt for a while.
      Take the tips, I'm currently going through something similar myself... just keep your head up (and busy) and each day will be better than the last.
      Don't do too many things that remind you of her.

      Thanks for MH too!

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  • I'm so sorry to hear that. Keep yourself busy, maybe join clubs at school? You might meet someone when you least expect it!


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