Should I stop talking to him?

I've been talkin to this guy for a while. We hung out & did all that "good stuff" I like him a lot... getting butterflies at 22 still! lol but after we hung out, text messages changed. He recently left a comment a girls pic "cute pic <3" & he was talkin to her before. I thought he was done with the relationship but now I'm not sure. He texted me right after I seen. Should I stop talkin to him or is it too soon to confront him about it? we gave the "I'm catching feelings" speech but I don't know if I should be upset because he's not my bf. It's been 3 now but its been on & off & I haven't touched another guy sense I met him


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  • What's stopping you from touching another guy? Sounds to me like he's touching (or at least reaching out to) other women. Turn your radar on because this guy's scouting other women.


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