Am I undesirable now that moved back in with my parents?

Here's my backstory. I struggled to find decent work after I graduated college for the 2nd time. I was working at a security company making enough on my own. Then I had reconstructive surgery done on my finger. Ran low on money and my lease on my apartment was ending, and they were going to raise my rate 300 more per month. Thankfully my neighbor who lived a few floors up in hired me to do designer contract work for him. I got my first design job through this guy which was really exciting. Even though I was down about losing my apartment I loved, and going to move back with my parents and brother for a while, I was still thrilled to have my first design client.
It's been 2 months since I moved and recovered from my surgery. I work a low paying full-time job and I have a freelance design job. I have goals to become a full time product designer, but I live with my folks for the time being.

Despite having hopes, dreams, goals, does living with my folks make me undesirable to girls now that I'm almost 29?


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  • Some girls mind it, but I don't.
    My best friend is 23 now living with his parents.. The earliest he'll move out is when he's 25, but then if he can't find a job in what he majored in he'll probably move back in and go back to school...
    I see nothing wrong with moving back in with your parents to get back on your feet.
    Plus his older brother is around your age and moved back in. Doesn't make him any less desirable IMO.


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  • It sounds like the only one you are 'undesirable' to is yourself.

    • So I'm pretty much overthinking all of this. Is that what you mean?

    • I'd say the possibility of that is 100%.
      A lot of people live with family right now the way things are going - and its not like you are making sure to stay there forever. Just whatever you do don't make it an issue to anyone you meet - otherwise it will seem okay for them to focus on it, ya know? You shouldn't even bring it up unless its on a need to know basis. Basically what i'm saying is don't show the insecurity you are feeling to whomever you want to know better. To girls insecurity is a real deal breaker - girls like their men to be strong and in control, at least for SURE in the beginning. Good luck!

  • The effort you put toward bettering yourself and it not just being all talk makes all the difference. You don't sound undesirable.

  • Well, it really depends. How tall are you? XD

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Times are tough. You're lucky to even have a job right now! Congrats!


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