He keeps asking me out, what to do?

This guy, a sweet guy, he keeps asking me out all the time.
And i turn him down everytime, not because im not interested BUT because i dont want anything serious, i dont want anything. I want to me be for a while now, im still not 100% over a guy i dated and i dont want to again begin to date someone. now i just want to focus on me, how can i make him stop asking me out.. I know im so stupid whne i have a nice guy but i just am not ready to begin dating him and giving him hope, i just want to be me.


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  • Why don't you just tell him the truth, that you don't want anything serious, you have just come out of a relationship, and your still getting over it. Lying and being deceptive about it, will only cause hurt on both sides. If your honest with him, it will make your life easier and his.

    If he still doesn't understand, then that's his problem. and just ignore him.

    • If you have told him, then you are going to be need to be more blunt with him, and tell him to leave you alone and stop asking you out, and he is actually bothering you and you have already told the situation with regards to yourself.. Its going to hurt him, but sometimes you have to hurt people to make them understand. Stop being nice to him, it your problem he doesn't understand you. Time to be blunt with him.

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  • I suggest you approach him and tell him the truth...

    Say something along the lines of :"listen... you're a sweet guy... but I'm not going to date anyone any time soon... just give me some space..."

    • i told him

    • Hmm then he's too immature to date anyway...
      If he can't respect you then he's not worth it.

      Unfortunately you can't really stop him from asking unless you find a way of making him not like you...

  • You should tell him exactly what you wrote down.

    Most nice guys don't get a lot of dates/ask out a lot of girls, so if he really wants to pursue you then he'll probably wait it out (it's not like it's going to be 10 years or anything).

    Refrain from giving a time period, because then you'll have to either stick to your word or look like a bitch. Just say "not right now, but eventually" and be totally honest about it.

    At least, that's what I would do if the roles were reversed.

  • SO you tell him, "I'll go out with you but don't expect anything serious from me"

  • Tell him you will NEVER have sex but if he wants to spend money on you with ZERO return, it's his money to waste and flush down the toilet.


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