Which one of this girls?


1) Which one is prettier?
2) Which one has better body?
3) Which one has more charisma/personality?

  • Taller brunette
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  • Shorter red
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What Girls Said 1

  • 1) short redhead
    2) can't tell
    3) sort redhead
    A) this looks like the intro to a weird p*rno
    B) the tall brunette is a bit of a bitch... Not my thing.


What Guys Said 1

  • A true red head will always win. Creamy white skin, red hair, amber pubes, freckles, small pert breasts. Yup that is my recipe for a perfect girl on the outside. Intelligence is always a must have.

    • Funny how I feel that way about women but ginger men.. no thanks lol. I don't know why that is?

    • My friend and his sister are both red heads. Seem them both naked many times - together or separate. Tell you what, a red head naked female wins hands down. He reminded me of a naked Bozo the clown with out the face paint, or Carrot Top with a semi-hard penis. Is even funnier when he starts to get a sun burn. In 10+/- years of knowing him, never saw his ass with a tan.