How do I get my ex back?

Any advice? Getting my ex back he dumped me


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  • Unfortunately, usually, there's a reason that can't be fixed easily. It's not like, "Oh, I'll just switch my cereal brand and he'll be back." There's something larger underlying it. Also, when anyone, guy or girl, tries really hard to win back an ex, they can come across as needy or desperate, which is totally not sexy. Instead, if they see you are totally having fun without them, they may realize they made a mistake and want to be back with that cool, awesome chick, the one they first fell for.

    Another thing that makes it tough to win someone back is having them see you for what you ARE, not what you WERE. I grew up in a small town and in high school and beyond, the people don't see the strong individual you've become. They still look at you as the guy/girl who farted in 3rd grade or whatnot. So if you REALLY want to win back you ex, you need to go out and jump back into life and try hard to grow as a person. Then, much later, the ex sees this calm and confident woman who has only gotten BETTER and will see you anew. But for now, if it's new, you need to move away, not back towards your ex, in order to show what a great catch you were.

  • Wish I knew. My ex broke up with me about 4 months ago and although it doesn't hurt like it did that first month sometimes I still want her back. I think about our relationship and things I could have done different, all the fun things we did, and wish I could be with her again. Other times I just hope that she's safe and happy. I tell myself that eventually, I'l meet someone and I'll know the reason we broke up is because this other person was better for me. Im sorry you're going through a hard time. Break Ups suck!


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