Women I Meet Get Attached Too Easily?

It's funny... everywhere I go, I always hear people talking about their "friends with benefits" and how they can still date around and meet other women.

I'm 24 and still a virgin. It's not because I am a bad guy, that I am extremely hideous or a complete loser. When I was in high school, I had a handful of opportunities to lose it, but I chose to wait a while.

These days... when I meet women, talk to them, get to know them... they start getting feelings for me. Really deep feelings -_-. And it sucks, because I am a very casual person and I don't try hard to impress them or anything.

The last woman I met told me how much she liked me, thought that we could possibly be a cute couple and how she wanted to have sex with me.

It always ends up like that with a majority of the women I talk to. They get feelings for me and want to have sex. Sounds good, right? It does to me as well, but if I have sex with a woman I have 0 feelings for besides friendship... her feelings will get even deeper for me and it will turn ugly.

I don't mind dating a girl. BUT, I want to date around, see whats out their, have casual relationships and settle down when I am in my late 20s. I am not looking for a girlfriend right now, and that's why I can't have sex with women who have feelings for me.

Do women in their early 20s really look that hard for a relationship? How do people get casual sex anyway?

Always happens to me...


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  • I don't think it has something to do with age... I think it has something to do with emotional maturity on how to handle or control the emotions felt and type of relt'p they want... This is the concern sometimes, they don't make clear at the very beginning as to what relt'p they are up to, and if they're on the same page..
    Some women I believe specially wifey material are not into casual relt'p.. Some women too are looking for serious relt'p where there's real emotions of both parties with commitment involved, that they consider making love as something with intimacy or with deeper feelings attached... I think you met and dated wrong girls.. Maybe you need to be with a casual woman too like you, so you both are in same page...


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