Can this get me into the friend zone?

Do these acts lead to the friend zone? and how to avoid it?
So I am talking to this girl I really like and I can tell she likes me too. Sometimes when she calls me I ask her things like how her day was and she goes on talking about the problems she has with her studies but she doesn't talk about things like "I find that guy cute and I need advice" just general study things and what she did and if I say anything like I was with this one friend of mine who is a girl she gets mad, so I can tell the attraction is mutual. Also when she calls we sometimes mess around and do silly things and joke even though I am a quite serious person in real life I don't find that necessary with her.

I also want to know if personal things like calling her with a nickname is also a bad idea?

So do you think any of these things I do could get me a express ticket to the land of FZ? And any tips on NOT getting in the FZ as I have been there once only and I would like to keep it at that.



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  • I'm getting so tired of this friend zone bs.

    The "friend zone" is just a phenomenon in which you like someone romantically and they ONLY like you as a friend. Bottom line: she doesn't like you.

    I don't know where in the hell people got the idea that the friend zone is a category that girls put guys in when they are "too nice" to them. Your acts won't put you in the friend zone. Especially not if you're nice. If she isn't interested, she just isn't interested, and you can't convince her to like you.

    Girls don't think nice acts = bff material only, despite common man logic.

    • I totally disagree in my own honest experience if I was nice and available to a girl she wouldn't escalate her relationship with me and treat me like that BFF but as soon as I change my behaviour like hang out with other girls and be rarely available she starts to realize it.

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    • Realize what? That she just wants all the attention? That's what that is, asker.

    • @MsFZB6 honestly guys can't just say "she doesn't like me" they have to be like "I got friend zoned for being too awesome. "
      Girls blame themselves when they get rejected... guys blame girls

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  • like Been_Waiting said, the friendzone is a state of mind and an excuse people use. if she isn't into you, she just isn't into you and its not mutual.

    its sweet that you call her and ask about her day etc and show an interest in her, but hun the only way you can avoid being just a friend is to right out ask her out on a date!! you say the attraction is there and she gets mad when you talk of other girls, so if you really like her ASK HER OUT! the worst that could happen is she says no.. then you can carry on with your life.
    best of luck!

    • Well she is really confusing, I tried asking her out a couple of times but she wouldn't trust me in the begining but apart from that now that she does she has trouble going out to town with even her friends so she figured that she would tell at home that she is going out with one of her girl friends to find a language course and she tells me that she thinks we should go out together to the course and then take a walk in the park. When I asked her why don't we just head down town for the movies or something she said that we should do that another time or they will get suspicious, what do you think? does this mean she is not interested?

  • How long have you been talking?

    And don't make assumptiuons about someone's attraction towards you. This will only lead to disappointments.

    • Well for about 5-6 month, I am not making any assumptions she even told me that she likes me but is not yet ready to get into a relationship with me.

    • So she's keeping you waiting? Basically leading you on? Holding you as a second option if another guy doesn't come in between?

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  • You don't get in the friend zone by asking her out on a date.

    • Well that's great but that wasn't my question.