Do you believe that two exes can get back together after a while and make it work?

Hey guys ! So about 2 weeks ago my ex and I of almost a year started to talk again. After 3 months of being broken up , we got to chit chatting. At this point in my life , I really do not wish for a relationship with him or anyone for that matter. Nevertheles, yesterday we hung out as friends (which is how we have been treating each other) and had a great time at the amusement park ! However , I would get the kind of vibe from him that led me to believe he was still interested. I would catch him just staring at me and at the end of the hang out he said he really loved hanging out with me again and was grateful for me contacting him back. I set the line there as to how I expected us to have a great FRIENDSHIP.

So that's where it was left off.. but then it got me thinking to this question.. is it possible to get back with someone and have a better outcome of the relationship in the end?

What are your thoughts?

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