She doesn't reply back?

Hey, this girl always gave me some hints that she is interested, I asked her out, went on a date. She touched me very often, I touched her back and she said that she liked the date a lot, and also asked when we are gonna see us again and even asked me if I want to come to her place.

A few days later, she wrote me in fb asked how I was and so on, she said she gets a flue maybe.

I said I could bring her something to eat on the weekend if she feels bad, so that she doesn't needto cook.

On Friday we saw us at work, I was kinda stressed, she asked what's wrong, I told her that I'm just having a bad day.

Well, on Saturday I wrote her that I could bring her something, she traded the message but didn't reply yet. Not even today (yes, she was already online).

She also posted a pic with a gf where she was shopping on Saturday.

I find this very disrespectful, not that she can't do something with others, but that she doesn't reply or just say that she has no time.

Any suggestions? Should I ignore her? Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, English isn't my mother language. :)

She answered now to my question from yesterday, if everything is okay.

She shortly answered: no no, everything is alright.

No how are you, nothing... Is she offended?


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  • Is this kindergarten :P
    Seriously,, she touched me... I touched her back? xD

    • Mhm, like I said, English isn't my mother language, so I tried simply to explain that there was from both side an attraction. I explained it maybe in wrong way, sorry for that.

    • ahw now I feel bad, sorry I didn't read that last line bub.
      The girl isn't interested, I suggest you move on, like you said its plain disrespectful she can't even find time to reply. Find someone else who can make you happy :)

    • No problem :). Well, I can't understand how she changed her mind so fast, because this all happened in 2 weeks and she even said in a indirect way that she has already feelings for me.

      It hurts to be honest. Because I feel like she had a crush on me and now she treats me out of nowhere like I'm the desperate guy who can't leave her alone.

      That's simply unfair, but I guess, such is life.

  • Maybe she thought you acted like and asshole when you told her you were having a bad day and she wants to get back at you. Talk to her and tell her you didn't mean to be bogus, but you were really having a bad day.

    • Wait a moment.

      She started this whole flirt stuff, I asked her out, flirted with her, gave her 2,3 compliments and I even offered to cook for her when she told me that she may get sick.

      If she is "mad" on me because I had a bad day, even if I still talked to her and tried to be friendly, well than I have lost all interest.

      Btw. I asked her now if something is wrong, she was online but no answer yet.

      Well, I guess even if she would respond now I already lost interest. She is 28, but the way she acts now is just childish imo. On to the next one.

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