So tell me if you can gauge how much my bf likes/loves me?

He tells me he misses me all the time.
He thinks about me first thing in the morning and befor he gose to bed at night.
He's super protective.
He text me good morning and goodnight.
He sees a future with me
He text me right after school
He wants to be with me all the time.
To him I'm an angel
To him I can do no wrong


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  • He likes you. Love is a strong word though.

    • he also agreed with that, in fact he didn't want to say it at first. i told him he didn't have to if he didn't want to , and if that the case im totally fine with that. but he ended up saying it anyway

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  • That is the textbook definition of NRE - new relationship energy. It means he is infatuated with you. People that are 'new' to it will often mistake it for love, because to them the person just seems so incredibly perfect in every way, so what else could it be? But it is not love. Love comes later, slowly. NRE happens to basically keep people interested in each other long enough for love to start to grow. It can sometimes fade in a few months. It can sometimes hold out for a few years.

    Biggest indicators of NRE and not love are 'misses me all the time', 'super protective', 'I'm an angel', 'I can do no wrong'.

    So, your boyfriend doesn't love you, those aren't the indicators of love, but he is super into you, as those are clear indicators he is swimming in the happiness associated with a new relationship. You probably will find that you agree about so many things! and will also find that he will get incredibly defensive if someone were to bring up this as an infatuation and not love.

  • Sounds like a clingy guy who doesn't want you to leave. he likes you a damn lot, and if you want to keep it at that be indifferent to how much love he's showering you with.


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