How to help my girlfriend deal with stress?

she's got college work - like bizarre amounts, more than a piece a day, she works her only days off and her dad is - in short - a bit of a douche. i can tell she's getting stressed and things are stacking up but beyond trying to make her laugh and letting her know i'm there i don't know what to do? any ideas?


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  • I think you are doing great just by doing that, when someone's stressed they can snap easily and just trying to do things for her all the time or trying to distract her all the time, i mean some distraction is always good, but that can overwhelm her and get even more stressed thinking she has to finish all her work, deal with her dad, and now having to do stuff with you, I have been there and my poor boyfriend has tried helping but it was kinda futile since when he tried doing more stuff just stressed me more, but it wasn't his fault, he was just trying to help, just keep being there for her, I think that's all she needs, knowing I could count on my boyfriend whenever really helped me, and it was all I needed really, I hope this helped and good luck!

    • thanks for the reply, i'll try not to overdo it, it's just hard to not do something

    • I know how you feel, you just want to help, and you are already helping, but you feel like you should do more, in my opinion you are doing everything you can do, so try not getting you stressed over this, and you are welcome :)

    • Thanks for MHO ^^

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  • Continue being supportive, and if she snaps or gets upset don't take it personally. send a text or even better write her a note of encouragement. Snacks or aspirin never hurt either. If she says she wants to be left alone, back off but let her know she can always reach out to you if she needs help.


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