Texting without boring?

a guy I went on a first date with last Thurs had texted me this past Sat thanking me for good conversation and I texted back saying I enjoyed it too. Now I'm not sure if I should wait for him to reach out again or if I should. if I should, what do I text him to not sound boring?
I know I should know this by now but I really don't want to mess anything up. I was thinking 'hey how was your weekend? ' but I feel that's too standard. Please and thanks!

UPDATE! I know it's been less than an hr since posting this q (lol) but I went ahead and sent a text to him. Not expecting much but maybe I'll hear from him and we'll be able to go from there!
k so I sent him a text on Monday and now we've planned to meet again this Fri..!


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  • You're over thinking it. If you want to text him, just do it. Saying, "Hey, how was your weekend?" is standard because it can be a great conversation starter if you ask follow up questions. A lot of guys get a little put off if they're the only one ever initiating the conversation, because it makes it seem like you aren't that into them. By initiating the conversation, it'll show you are actually interested in him and I'm not really sure how that would mess things up.

    • thanks and great answer! yeah I tend to overthink, I guess I'm also going by past experiences. I don't wanna come off as clingy.

    • I can't imagine a scenario in which asking a guy how his weekend was several days after you last texted him could be considered clingy.

      In my mind, clingy is when you blow up his phone with messages if he doesn't respond right away. Sending a single text after 2-3 days is like the opposite of that.

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  • Overthinking kills your happiness, if you think you are making your convo boring, make a reason to go and start the convo again whenever you want but must be at least 3 days


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