How often should a girl try and talk to a guy before giving up?

So there is a guy that I thought was interested in me. We went on one date and hung out at my place once. Things moved fast because we had sex on the first date. But he stayed around after, we cuddled, and each talked about our past. The first night he acted like he really didn't want to leave but had to wake up early the next day, so he left at like 2am. Then a couple days later he came over to my place to hang out and we had sex again. We cuddled and talked again. But he left earlier and showed no sign of wanting to stay.

He said he wanted to see me again after the last time we saw each other but when I brought up when, he said he was busy and wasn't sure. I have tried to text him some just talking but nothing much in response, given, he really wasn't ever fully talkative through text before either. After not hearing from him for a couple days I texted him seeing how he was doing and asked if he wanted to hang out again. He talked some but said he was busy and didn't feel well, but soon. I haven't heard anything from him all weekend and that was three days ago.

I am not sure if I have done something wrong, if I am put on the back burner, or what happened. Should I wait a week and try again or give up on this one?


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  • I'd say give it another week. If he is still "busy", he wants to stray away from you. No one is truly busy, if the person cares about you or wants to be with you, they WILL make time. So after a week, if he is still making excuses, give up and move on.


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  • Let me tell u my incident which is similar to yours

    I knew a girl and talked all day but most of the time she stared the conversation (becz I'm shy)
    One day I had to leave the conversation and go
    But before I left, I said I'll Chat with u later.
    It's been like a month and I have not messaged her and she has!
    I want to chat with her but the only way we can do that is through Facebook
    And in Facebook we both r never online at the same time

    Moral- maybe he want to contact u but due to some reasons he is unable to do so.
    So just chill, if it is meant to happen it I'll happen.

    • I mean she havnt messaged me either

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  • I would give up. not because you did anything wrong, but because you did give him the chance to get together and he isn't even able to make any plans.
    I don't think this was simply a one night stand, but he doesn't seem interested in meeting any further. It could be for any reason in the world.

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