Should I still try to pursue this girl? Have I ruined my chances?

So I'll try and keep it short:

Met this cute girl in my class and in the first of week "knowing each other" it wasn't really anything just hello's and stuff not, really anything. By the second week we sorta warmed to each other more; joking around and talking more. But today I learned that she went out on a date last Friday (which I don't know much about like if it was a first date or something) and I was actually planning on asking her to do something out of class this week but that happened but since that happened I can't really tell if it's over me and been slotted into 'just friends' now.

Should I try and go for it anyways and see what she says? Probably on Wednesday I would ask. I also don't have her phone number which is probably another reason why I messed this up.



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  • Ask her out, but don't by any means try to know more about the other date, this can be seen as something weird and wrong by her. You need to act as if you never heard about that other date. Just ask her and be nice, don't spoil your chances. Good luck! ☺️

    • Well not exactly dig for info, I was thinking more if she was gonna see him again etc unless that is exactly what you are talking about. Would you say it matters as to alcoholic drinks out or just hanging with tea/ coffee matters?

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  • See if she is seeing anyone, but don't be too desperate now! I would have labeled you the same thing if you didn't make a move.

    • So basically now or never huh? This might sound dumb but how do you sound "not desperate"? (Which was something I didn't even consider so good that you made that point)

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    • Don't be like ARE YOU SEEING OTHER PEOPLE? Slowly ease your way into it. Don't rush anything.

    • The funny thing is I was gonna ask that exact question but only after some conversation so I'll rethink that.

  • Definitely go for it. It doesn't really matter if she went on a date, try getting closer to her and see if she likes you, or is willing to give dating you a shot. Good Luck!

    • Do you think I should try and probe more information about that other date? As in where she might stand on it? Or forget that just ask her to go do something with me.

    • Definitely not, she may be someone who doesn't like to share her business

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