I want to approach girls at the bar, but I'm not really sure how. haha?

I really don't go to bars and I've never tried approaching girls at a bar. I'd prefer to go alone to approach girls. My question is what is their to do at a bar besides drink? I don't want to end up just walking around and feeling all awkward or coming off creepy.


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  • Do they have pool tables or darts? I don't drink and playing games makes me feel less awkward and it helps you meet other people who are up doing stuff.

    • I'm assuming most do. I guess I can shoot pool by myself. That doesn't look weird does it?

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    • I'd rather not approach girls with them around anyways.

    • I understand that. Trying to approach a girl at a bar can be tricky because the tend to go out to those places in packs.

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  • when I go to bars and guys approach me they always come with some dumb pick up line or the ask me if id like a drink. please DONT jump to that haha.
    if you see a girl or some girls just go up to them, ask them if they would like to join for a game of pool , or just talk to her/them about something interesting, have a few laughs.
    it breaks the ice.


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  • First you have to get them to talk to you. This is different than when you meet girls during the day. You have to be more energetic. What I usually do, is I hold both of my hands up and make the girls give me high-fives. Then I might say something like 'free hug' and get them to hug me. After talking for a while I get them to dance.