I'm afraid to get close to guys?

So I meet a guy, things go pretty groovy. After a few weeks of seeing them, I get a little bit scared, and ultimately decided to end things. I think it's because of past relationships, I find it hard to really trust guys, and I also fear about being used -- ultimately getting hurt again.


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  • Dont give anything thing to a guy unless you are sure of him.
    Just talk to him never give a shit to him until you are satisfied.
    Just stay normal with him dont have a serious love until he wants a serious love.
    Example if he asks for nude and sex and bloody bullshit dont love him. He is just playing with you.
    Anything else you want to ask?

    • I've been talking and seeing this one guy -- just over two weeks now. I really like him and would really like to spend more time with him. But I am fearful of getting hurt. He's given me no reason to fear getting hurt -- it's just me.

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