So how do I get a girlfriend when most girls nowadays go for looks?

And the ones that look for personality are hard to find


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  • Girls go for personality, well the ones you should be with anyway.
    I'll give you the honest truth, and people may call bullshit on me for saying this but I'm telling the truth. Looks don't matter. And I am proof of that. The guy I currently like a lot is very average looking, and is not someone girls would talk about due to his looks. However I like him so much to the point where I actually can't stop thinking about him and it's driving me mental. I like him because of his personality, he makes me laugh so much, he makes me feel special and there's a deep side to him where we can talk about life and we are very similar. What I'm saying is his personality in my eyes is perfect. And once I started liking him, his looks became attractive to me. I started noticing his eyes and his laugh and these weird little things about him suddenly became attractive to me. When in the beginning, before I spoke to him, I would never have thought I'd like him just based on his looks. Once you fall for personality, everything about them becomes attractive. It's all about the personality to me, 100%.


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  • Surprise surprise, most girls go for both. Only the super-shallow ones go by looks only. I have to be attracted to the person I'm dating, but the personality is key. And it's like this for the majority of girls :)

  • That is nonsense. Most of us do go for personality. I mean we won't date really ugly guys but what matters more is if we can trust him, confide in him, can make us laugh, and has a. good heart along. with many more traits


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