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Altogether its been seven months that I've been talking to this guy on and off.. But I met him last December.. So anyways , he texts me every few weeks and when we see each other we never skip sex.. He does work and go to school so maybe he's busy? Also, I see him late in the day like 8-11 ... buuut he does say "I love you" and he does hold me and and have conversations with me.. We don't have each other added on social networks we never been on a real date we just BARELY went to the movies but he didn't hold my hand or kiss me or anything, he also brought his cousin so I don't know who the real third wheeler was as soon as his cousin left we had sex then he took me home... Am I just a booty call.. ? I I feel like an idiot because the facts or soooo obvious but I really feel like he cares... this question is open to both genders but i really want a guys opinion.. do you think he's just after sex? Please be upfront (but kind) because this mysterious "I like you, I don't like you" game is killing meee !!! I can't focus on anything these days !! Thanks!


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  • Sadly it does seem you are his booty call. Time to take a break from him and see if you guys miss one another or if you both prosper and meet new people.


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  • Yeah, try adding him on FB and see if he accepts your friend request. If he doesn't he's not that into you. If you're getting late night texts or calls only then you're a booty call. Sounds to me like you're his booty call. Good luck with that.


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