Who lies more on dating sites? men or women?

Who lies more? Men or women? According to this study , women lie more than men on dating sites.kingloaf.com/.../ Not trying to offend or generalize so attack the source not the messenger.

Here's the same study from a different website www.huffingtonpost.com/.../...-lies_b_1930053.html


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  • I think they're lies with good intent. People lie during courtship all the time. For example, going the extra mile in the beginning just to land the girl/guy when really that isn't who you are.

    Commonly leaves the recipient asking: "Why doesn't he/she treat me like they used to?"


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  • Everyone airbrushes themselves on dating sites, even if they don't realize it or mean to. Lies? Both men and women do it equally.

    • I don't. I always tell the truth.

    • I try to, but the fact remains, a lot of the descriptive words are assumed open to interpretation. "Curvy" for example is assumed to mean "fat", but in reality it means you have hips/butt, and a wide chest. You can be "fat" and not curvy; you can be curvy and thin. Someone will think something on your profile is a lie, and in their own interpretation/perceptions, you are, even if you're in fact not. It's been proven, people are more likely to judge by image alone when searching for a date online.

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  • makes sense dfgdgdf

  • Well neither, women are monsters with entitlement issues online

    And guys are fucking weirdos online

    • Well the study says women lie about their appearance and weight online while men will lie about their income

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    • I'm not a monster.

    • Your not from pof and this isn't a dating site, the girls on GaG are the most helpful compassionate girls i have ever spoke to so your far from a monster