How do I discuss potential relationship with a guy?

ok I've always like a guy, and hanging out with him and falling for him for months, until one day find out he just got a gf :/ This happens repeatedly. I guess I should work on my communication. If we're seeing each other and I'm interested in an exclusive relationship with him, how do I discuss that with him without scaring him away? What do I say to him? How to not scare him since, no offend, I've heard guys are afraid of commitment? Thanks.


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  • This has happened to me a few times too, it sucks!
    I'm sorry!

    You need to make your intentions more known, since something is clearly being lost in translation somewhere.
    If you're seeing a man, and you want to take things to the next level and make it an official exclusive relationship, you need to be open about the fact that you want that.
    If you're seeing someone for months and he gets scared by simply calling you his girlfriend, he's probably not going to work out anyway. A few months is long enough to decide if you want to be with someone or not. And if they just want to casually date, they need to make that clear too... which is why you need to be honest about wanting a relationship.
    When you start to feel that for someone, just tell him!
    Tell him that you care about him and don't want to see anyone else... that'll put the ball in his court and he can decide if he wants that too, or if he wants something else and you guys may need to part ways.

    • How do I bring that talk up? What do I say? I really have no idea what to say to him I don't want to scare him away you know... cuz that would hurts a lot.

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    • He once said he only see me at the moment, but it been a few months since he said that so I guess I should check again lol. Can I ask "So you're only with me right?" Does it sound ok and low pressure? :)

    • Absolutely... there's nothing wrong with asking that at all.
      It's a fair question and you have every right to ask it and to know where you stand with him.

  • He shouldn't be hanging out with you one on one if he had a gf. Unless of course he was just being friendly and this is all in your head

    • Naw not what I meant :/ Guy A, B, and C hanged out with me, and end up getting a gf :/ Now it's guy D and I don't want the same thing happens again what do I do?