How to ask my crush out without scaring him away?

So me and my crush have been seeing each other for a while (around 2,3 months). We seem to enjoy each others' company. I don't want to wait any longer since he's really in demand girls out there are looking at him lol! How do I ask him out without scaring him away since he's properly afraid of commitment? What do I say to him? We have agree on the "seeing" status for awhile what now? I want an exclusive relationship.


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  • You're not asking him to marry you. Why would this "scare him away" ?

    You're just asking him out. That's not scary.

    • He seems to be afraid to be in a relationship and commitment.

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    • Sorry... but now what do I have to say to him?

    • If you're that scared of other girls making a move, you have to suck it up and do it first.

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  • Hire Pewdiepie as your body guard and enjoy your date


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  • Honestly, 2-3 months is long enough that you two should be able to move to the "relationship" status seamlessly.
    The fact that you guys haven't says that someone is not wanting it to progress... obviously, that'd be him.
    Now, maybe he does want to with you because he does care about you and wants to be with you, but is just afraid of the title itself... for some reason, this scares a lot of people.
    Do you know if he's seeing other women?
    If you don't know, try asking him. If he's still seeing other women, I'd tell him that you want an exclusive relationship and see if he is wanting to give it a try too.
    If he says he's not seeing others, then you guys ARE exclusive and you can say something about him being your "boyfriend" and talk about it more from there.

    • I asked several times and every time he said he's only seeing me and no one else, and he would like to make sure that I only see him as well. So it kinda sound LIKE an exclusive relationship but we never talk about it so I don't know :/

      But like what do I say to him? Just go out with him to somewhere then ask "Will you be my boyfriend?"? :/ That sounds really awkward and scary...

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    • I think I'll ask him to be my boyfriend. That's what I was going to do but I'm just afraid it's gonna be embarrassing and awkward lol.

    • You can't worry about that... it's okay to feel those things and be worried and nervous, but you just have to suck it up and do it... that's the only way things will change, since he's not doing it himself.

      Good luck though... I hope you come back and tell us how it went!

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