My fiance "accidently" liked this girls picture on facebook?

so he was scrolling down his newsfeed and i saw this like on a girls really half naked photoshoot and he "liked" it. then i was getting mad and asked him why would he like, cause this women and him were flirting and all that before our relationship

then HE got all mad and was like " i didn't like it, I don't know how that happened" and told me im jumping into conclusions bla bla..

this never happened before and actually i dont think he is that stupid to like girls pics, since i see his Facebook feed all the time..

but what do you think?

and yes I am very jealous, and to me thats not acceptable


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  • Indeed, it's very easy to accidentally "like" something on Facebook, but, either way, you're in the wrong here. Plus, since you're admitting to being the jealous time, it's highly unlikely that he would do that, because he'd know what would happen.

    You see, even if he did intentionally "like" her pic, your jealous behaviour is what pushes him to lie to you, in order to avoid being yelled at. Instead of starting fights, try communicating.

    I "like" women's photos all the time, and my girlfriend doesn't mind. We even sometimes look at them together (of both men and women), what's the big deal?

    Be jealous when there is actually reason to be jealous. If you turn it up to 11 every single time your fiance even looks at another woman, then all you're doing is cultivating mistrust and resentment.


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  • I am not and will not ever be jealous person.
    I also would not tolerate a jealous woman for a second. so he should tell you to pack your shit and leave.
    what is the issue? So what if he liked every stripper post on the entire web?
    how does that affect you and how he treats you?
    it doesn't. he should be able to look all he wants as long as he doesn't touch and as long as he isn't doing it in front of you.

    • you know what, that's the reason why a third of marriages in america fail and end into divorce. as soon as you don't like something you tell people to "pack your shit" you're ridiculous, so are others on here who would want him to leave just because..
      i tell you what, i'm a pretty damn good fiance overall, he tells me this alot. and he ain't better than me. he is controlling in a lot of stuff as well, and i take it. we make things work together. yes, i was overreacting yesterday, but oh well, happens..

    • Your right, people don't stick by each other when married and give up. My wife threw away 25 years together. The issue is your NOT married yet. I would have done anything to keep the marriage together and i would have never split up.
      But, now that I am single again... and this would count before I ever got married in the first place... any kind of issue that can cause very serious issues you need to either resolve or don't bother getting married.
      jealousy is one of the worst things for any couple much less marriage. So if either party is a "very jealous" person by your own words, that is a reason you need to stop the relationship before it gets to the marriage part because jealousy will break up a marriage. If you cannot trust the person your with you have no business being together.
      the best way to prevent a divorce is to make sure you don't have any big issues going into the marriage to start with.

  • Honestly, I think you're overreacting a bit here. Even if he did it intentionally, it's just a FB pic; it's pretty harmless, isn't it?

    Also, it IS possible that he could have done it accidentally. I've personally accidentally blocked and/or unfollowed like four people here by complete accident because of my touchscreen. No joke. LOL

    • i know, i was overreacting lol. its just an impulse. i have that sometimes, but yes ofc i am not gonna start a fight over it

    • I hear ya. We're all capable of jealousy every once in a while. It might not be a pretty emotion, and it's one we should all work to keep in check, but we all experience at least a twinge of that at some point along the way.

      Just remember that this guy is with you, and he's chosen to be with you.

      Also, I'm not trying to give you a hard time or anything Asker, but this is the kind of stuff that makes me despise FB. LOL. There's just way too many weird opportunities to strange feelings to develop over meaningless stuff.

      Anyway, good luck with it, ok? :-)

    • *for strange feelings to develop

  • Your over reacting, it's a like on a photo on FACEBOOK. Are you fucking crazy? Stop being a control freak. I would have took back my ring and said to go fuck yourself. It's different if he is actually trying to hook up with this girl women, but it's a like on FACEBOOK. Get a life

  • I accidentally like something on Facebook while browsing on my phone AT LEAST 4-5 times per week.

  • Slow down, crazy. Big whoop if he liked some girl's pic. Honestly.


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  • Especially on cellphones, it is very easy to accidently like things when scrolling on fb or instagram. Id give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • There's nothing he did wrong. You need to learn to control your over-jealousy. It's unhealthy for both you and your partner.

  • Yikes. Loosen the leash or he's going to do it himself.

  • Its no big deal! God! He'll "accidently" you for being so crazy if you keep acting like a bitch

  • Calm down before he dumps you for going crazy