I want to have a longterm relationship with a white girl may be to marry her, please help me t find someone?

ok i am an indian, who is looking for a white girl to date but i never found one, currently i am in kampala met a lot of girls but i think there is something bad in their mind for indians.
i am sure if there is something wrong i am not of that kind.
i just want one girl to be everything to me.
i want to start my day with her and wana end it with her i want her to be the one who means everything to me.

i hope anyone of you guys and girls can help me out.


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    • yeah right

    • did i ask you either its a dating site or not?

    • Your question implies you think this is some sort of website which can help you find a wife. You're an idiot.

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  • Why are you looking for a white girl? I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but going up to a chick like "Sup girl you#re white let's get married" is certainly not going to work. And you aren't gonna find the girl of your dreams on this site either.

  • Well, don't be so shallow and limit yourself to only white girls! But become a little more open minded and look beyond what you see.


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  • My friend, I think the odds are bit against you meeting the "white" girl of your dreams living in Kampala. I imagine there are not too many of them floating around there.

    What's wrong with an Indian Lady? Just my humble opinion, but I think you would do far better aiming for a relationship with an Indian Lady. In my experience you have some of the loveliest and most humble ladies in the world... What a great combination. Be happy...

    • my Dear,

      i had an indian girlfriend for more than 03 years and after that i came to know that, she is having one more affair.
      i really don't want to get hurt again.

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    • Jungledoc you are right about pal
      these are the people who makes rumours

    • hmmm... well good luck and a happy life to you...

  • The odds are highly stacked against you.

  • stick to your own kind, it really disgusts me seeing white girls with coloured people, no offence pal but stay away from white girls. if i would see the girl of my dreams with some coloured guy, i would beat you both up. i dont hate you people but seriously, just looking for white girls, is that a certain perversion you have

    • Are you serious pal? if you are... you are what's wrong with this messed up world we live in... Hellloooo... It's 2014, modern days, equal rights, respect for the person and not the color of their skin... If you were seriously ill and needed surgery and would die if you didn't receive it. Would you be okay with being operated on my a person of color? Or would you rather die? I can see why you prefer to be anonymous... You're an asshole!

    • this guy has a perversion for white girls, i find it very disturbing and disgusting as well.
      here is a video for you pal,

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