How can I stop my bff from doing the same mistake over&over again?

The story is really messed up, but i'll try to make it simple.
So, once upon a time was S, a first-hand player who had relationships with two of my friends. He ended with my bff,
A, who fall in love with him fast and hard. He didn't actually quit his games, and acted like a moron 90% of the time, but she was a lost cause and didn't see it coming.
The actual game began in the first moment he saw me - the ultimate challenge. He put the moves on me&i told her everything. She begged me to help her and see how far he could go and he was just about to leave her to be with me - told A IT wasn't working anymore&bullshit. He found out about our deal, got really hurt in his ego - i had a bf and i just played with him
They didn't break up. She loved him too much and he enjoyed having her as a backup. It didn't matter to A that he was about to leave her for her sister, no no. So i made a scene, trying to get to her. She actually made me think she awakened to reality but she lied and told him that i wasn't seeing them together - the whole telenovelas plot when everyone is against them. You don't want to know how i reacted...
They broke up, she told me that she dumped him but later i found out he actually dumped her 'cause she was too childish and he was looking for someone more mature.
He went after me. Again. I told him to stay back. Again
They haven't talked for a few weeks, but after a time he asked her to forget the past and be together again. She told him no-in her own style, of course, who only gave him hopes again. She came to me. AGAIN. I told her to cut him out for good -she said she didn't know how 'cause she still had feelings for him.
She kept talking with him cause they were just friend - in a stupid alternate universe inside her head.
I told her that just doesn't happen in this case. He pushed her for sex. She said no-kinda, but didn't reacted even if they weren't together anymore and he was just a douchebag.

He still wants her and he sends me a text a few days ago. This shit just doesn't stop and i don't know what can i do to get all of this bullshit out of our lives...


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  • Unfortunately, some people just can't see their actions from the outside. I constantly get people asking me for advice, I give it, they don't take, then come back whining to me. NO! If you don't take my advice, you lose the right to complain about your situation.

    However, I'm not a dick, even when I feel like I want to be sometimes. So what you do is just be there for them. You've said your piece, she knows how you feel. If you keep pushing it, you might lose a friend and also inadvertently push her towards him. So suck it up, bite your tongue and let her fail. Again. And when (not IF) it happens, be there for her as a friend. Refrain from saying "I told you so." At that point, she'll need your comfort, not your judgement.

    It isn't easy, and is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating but this is called friendship. :-/

    • Thanks, and I know that if i push it too much i might lose her... But there are times when i get so frustrated because she can think outside the box and I'm so hurt seeing her suffer. If she was just a random friend i wouldn't give a shit, but she's my sister and i can't stand seeing her like this... not after all she knows and all she experienced with him...

  • Give him Battlefield instead of COD


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