So he's a good guy but.. I don't know what to do.. Help I'm stressing?

So this guy is a lot of things I'm looking for but then again I don't really want to date and he keeps proving me right. Things I like and what I've been looking for: He gave me a rose out of no where. He is a virgin, does no drugs. But there are down falls too.. He's aggressive. Like he tried to tie me up for no reason. He is an asshole at times and gives me the silent treatment. I can not take his family. He's a big mommas boy. He's really emotional. Everytime I get close to him he messes it up. Twice now. First we were talking and he had messages from other girls meeting up with them and he lied to me saying he had to clean. Then still won't admit to it. Then the second time.. Last night he said he was going home to bed. No he went to go spend time with our "friend" that can't keep her hands off of him.. I mean In some ways he's everything I'm looking for but I can't take some of the other things.. I don't know what to do.. Help someone please.


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  • Doesn't sound like he's everything you're looking for. You just wrote a small paragraph of everything he does WRONG. Find someone else.


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  • Well, you already answer your question. Find someone else because he's such an asshole


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