I asked her to hangout?

I asked the girl I like to hangout. I thought she liked me back but I might have been wrong.

I text her and asked if she wanted to hangout soon. She said she had to work for the next few days.

I said "okay cool. nvm" and she took a while to reply but eventually replied with "Oh sorry :("

Was I wrong? Did she just reject me?


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  • The way your putting it, it does sound as if she has just rejected you... But in other cases how are we to know... You should ask questions to yourself like... is she close friends with you... does she have other thing to do that occupy her time (ex, work, school, volunteering, family)... in any case its better to ask her out face to face... when a guy text me out i feel as if it not real... i want to see his face and his emotions... also it gives the question that if he were to break up with me he'd probably do it by text as well.. which is a total turn off.


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  • It's hard to tell, especially through text. Maybe ask if you can hangout after her days at work are done, and see what she say. If she never tries to hangout, or end it with planning a different weekend etc then she's most likely not interested.


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  • You should try asking her to hang out via CALLING her, or in person. Texting is lame.

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