Setting up a blind date with ex gf?

okay so i kinda miss my ex-gf
i do have a new gf now and i like her very much
but i also miss my ex-gf
is it wise or smart or anyhting possitive
about if i would set up a blind date for me and my ex-gf


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What Girls Said 1

  • Would it be wise or smart? No, neither of those things. You have a GF, but obviously your head and heart are other places so I think you need to end that relationship, before you entertain the idea of dating the EX. Which, usually doesn't work, by the way. Why did the relationship end to begin with?

    • after a while we would only talk about the bad stuff between us and we argue a lot so we decided to put an end to it but should i just stop thinking about my ex and focus on current gf or break up with her too?

What Guys Said 1

  • do as you will honestly lol. people learn the easy way and the hard way. im sure you have enough sense to know which is which so do as you will.

    • my brain says dont do it it will destroy you

    • it has literally never hurt me to go with my gut. it probably won't hurt you either.