Guys don't want anything serious with me, is it me or them?

I'm 24 now and have been dating since I was 18. I don't have trouble finding guys that are attracted to me or getting asked out. It's just that they don't seem to want anything serious with me. The longest time I was going out with a one guy for a year but he didn't want to call it as a relationship or "boyfriend/girlfriend". The last time I was dating exclusively a guy for about half a year and he wanted us to be exclusive but nothing more. Then he dumped me saying "it's getting too serious".

Now I have got to know a nice guy who we have lots of common, and he's always initiating contact and calling/texting many times a day. We have been on a couple of dates, and after the last one I haven't heard of him.

I feel like there is something wrong with me? Why doesn't anyone want to have anything more serious with me than just casual dating? Everyone says I'm really nice and sweet, easy-going, I'm not jealous or drama queen etc...


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  • Nothing is wrong with you. Guys are very much like that specially at young age. Have you tried dating a bit older?

    • Yes! The one I was with about a year was 6 years older than me, and it didn't really change anything...

    • Do you have a rich life? i am not talking money.. i am talking about balanced social life.. friends , hobbies , sports, passions , life goals , travels... the decision to be with someone as a bf or gf takes into account many things other than beauty. But honestly.. in the past 3 days.. i have seen 15 questions similar to yours on this site.. girls asking why men dont want something serious... these days.. specially for the younger generation... people want their freedoms for longer... sex is not tied to marriage and commitment any more... and men aren't tied with a biological clock. They also mature later . Any way this is my reasoning. But if you think you are special in your position believe me you are not. Its seldom something a woman does wrong... or is wrong with her.. it is just that guys aren't so commitement centered like before.

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