Arab guys stereotype true?

In order to ask the full question... I must give a full background... I'm a half Lebanese and Half Latina. Growing up my father (Middle Eastern) told me that "I was going to have a very hard time finding an honest Muslim due to my background (mixed)". Saying that due to the fact that I'm a western girl men would have a hard time taking me serious. He said and I do quote "you'd have a better chance meeting a nice Latino" of course there is nothing wrong I am part Latina... so growing up I always had a hard time trusting Arab men when coming to "love" (so I never dates, gone to dates, movies etc.)... recently I was talking to a really nice guy from middle eastern roots (he was interested in my background, education... he knew about Mt mixed culture and didn't bother him he instead kept asking me questions of both) so one day he messages asking me if we can hang out some time to "chat" and get to know each other more he said "maybe to dinner" but I told him no. Its been a day and I haven't heard back... so does that mean he didn't want anything serious? Was my fathers theory right?


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  • How the hell can you make an assumption that a man doesn't want anything serious by asking you a sincere question? What question to you gives off the feeling that a man is serious with you?

    What kind of father tells his child she can't do something or will have a hard time in life? That is mentally damaging. It seems like your father doesn't want you to marry a Muslim man or Arab man that is not westernized, and instead said what he said to you to give you the choice to be free. To be free of whom you choose to love.


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  • I'm also half Lebanese and your Dad is your Dad. I have 2 daughters and talk to them about guys all the time. I can tell you that I was raised to be a man in the truest sense of the word. The way I talk to women, the way I look at women, the way I talk to people in general. We are taught to be men and not let anything get in our way of being men.

    I don't know about the guy you're talking to but I know when a woman tells me NO it means NO. I respect women but I also respect myself and won't keep asking and pestering. That comes from being raised in a house with dominant male characters (Lebanese or not).

    Race doesn't matter, but plays a huge part in the character of the person and how they were raised.

    Good luck. Don't say NO next time and come up with a valid reason why you can't see him on the day he asks.

  • Men.. in general... form an idea of a girl by watching her and how she reacts... even if there is a steryotype.. the moment you see the evidence to the contrary infront of your eyes , you change.

    Lets ''assume'' i am very religious arab and i want to marry a virgin who is religious, if you seem to be someone who is brought up this way then no matter what your ethnicity.. the evidence to your religiousness and virture will be all around me. Why then wouldn't i take you seriously?

    Who is your dream man? what is his characteristics? do you want to marry and arab or a latino?

    You can always force people to take you seriously by showing how serious you are.

  • what is the theory/stereotype? and I kinda doubt it, you flat out said no.

    • My fathers "theory/beliefs" are that due to being ethnically mixed it will be hard for people of middle eastern roots to "take me serious... come to accept me as part due to that culture gap."

    • well its just a theory and it could be true or not true. it really goes both ways, yeah there may be a general answer, but in the end it all comes down to the individual.

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