Do guys miss a girl during no contact?

There are several theories and of course I know each situation is individual. But lets say its a friendly break up and you know you care about each other, except you need space to eventually be able to become platonic friends.

First of all, is it even possible to be friends ever?
Do you ever really get over each other?
What do guys feel during the "no contact" phase
Do guys miss the girl?
Is it true that they sometimes realise what they lost?
Or do you just get over each other?
Also, how come guys usually contact you again somewhere down the road?


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  • i have been in no contact but it was in no way a friendly break up. If it hurt? Yes it did. If it helped me get over the girl faster? Have no idea. I survived it? Yes i did. Did i miss the girl? Sometimes more, sometimes did not have the time to miss her, sometimes had other things and people around that were more important.
    If i think i could be friends with her? Why bother?
    Get over each other? Don't know. Haven't met her since. I sometimes had the feeling it's her i see in the street, when in fact it was other people. My heart did start to beat a little faster, have to admit. It's been just a few months, don't know if over the years, things will be different.
    Why guys contact you sometimes down the road? i personally have never done that. I just don't bother to do it. i mean, it ended and i plan to leave it that way.
    Realize what i've lost? unfortunately everyone is replaceable. I appreciate the girl i was with and her personality and whatever, but i don't stress too much about it. I prefer to keep it balanced: don't get bitter with the other person, don't pretend like i'm not hurt, don't get overly emotional and kill myself. It just happened, take the pain, let it settle and see what happens tomorrow.

    • Thats a really rational way of looking at it. But thats why I wonder, I mean why should guys "realise" they made a mistake or not. I think we all feel like we did the right and wrong thing at the same time. And so many girls try to test guys buy ignoring or breaking contact, hoping he will turn up with a dozen roses (or more). Not to bash girls since I am one too, but I do blame movies and our social support system at times. I am in no contact at the moment, its quite bearable even though I miss him so I assume he feels the same. But sometimes, those evil thoughts creep in.. the ones movies have us believing. Things like the guy must really be distraught or is realising something, missing you and wanting you back (probably a little bit.. just like I do). I just wonder if I should set a deadline or completely let go. I usually let go of all bonds.. but with a strong friendship, its harder

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    • I agree, at one point you realise games are not the basis of a good relationship. Little relationship games are good but not playing with feelings, just to build excitement in the relationship. In my case, my reasoning was to take space because he didn't think we should get into anything serious. I'm not saying he is wrong. We both didn't know what was the right thing to do so we took a timeout to gather thoughts and feelings. But some feelings never go away I think, we were bestfriends first and never became possessive over each other and it didn't end on a bad note. That makes it harder to fully move on. You can't entirely close the door when there are so many layers to a relationship. However, I am not as distraught over it anymore. I was wondeirng if he was, we spoke a little the other day and he missed me but avoided it all. I think guys take longer to process things whereas girls just take it hands on, dramatize, cry and brush themselves off and get up again. Guys do the reverse

    • thank you for MH. In my case, i loved her so much, but things got in the way. We were never friends before that, so when it fell apart, i just let go completely. I did not see a reason for me to try and be friends. I am that kind of person that just leaves it there. Don't know if it's shallow or not, if i act like a jerk or not, but i don't think there's one girl that met me that would call me that, to be honest.
      Different people act different. Some kill themselves for breaking up with someone, some sleep around to make themselves feel better. I just take time out from dating to have time to get better.
      I guess that you'd feel good to know the other person misses you, however that's not what i'm living for. I don't live for that person any more, i live for those that are still in my life. The rest, take care, but that's about it from me.

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  • mmm im sure guys miss the girls and vice versa but its gotta be done right? yeah you do really get over each other. in my case I realize what I've dodged. time is what gets us over each other, or other girls or guys. I don't usually ever contact them again because at that point its just not important

    • Similar to girls I guess, kind of like rehab and then you're just not curious anymore. But that is why, if you were bestfriends before... is everything ruined?

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    • usually when I say fuck it I just look towards the future lol. that's all in the past now. you will be wayyy better off

    • Haha yeh I got that one, and you're right. I'm a girl.. tendency to get emo and over complicate. Best to let go and remember it as good times ;)

  • Yes we would.


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