Friends or more? Confused?

So, I have this guy best friend for around 3 years now..
I just recently got out of relationship, and his last girlfriend dumped him a year ago...
We attend the same boarding school.
A month ago there was this 'accident', when we were walking in the dark, someone screamed and we immediately grabbed each other hands, held for a couple of seconds and the let go asking 'what the heck' and laughing our asses of...
That's when I started realising that I might fancy him..
When I broke up with my boyfriend because it wasn't going well.
People started talking that I might fancy Tom (my bestie), and he ignored me for a couple of days, but then started 'stealing' my phone whenever I don't see and giving me back with that cheeky smile, or defend me when someone says something (even if they doesn't mean it in an offensive way) and he kept comenting my lips (maybe just coinsidence?).. So yeah. I don't know if he could ever like me, and I don't know what to think...


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  • If he is being protective of you and flirting (stealing your phone playfully counts as flirting) he is interested in you romantically. If you want something to think about think about this, you are in Highschool and focusing on getting straight A's (Scholarship) is more important than a crush.


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