Whats going on I am soo lost? Can't seem to wrap my head around this situation I am currently in.. Hopefully someone can help me!

hey so to start off I will say I met this guy off of an online dating site he started the conversation first with something very generic.. We have hung out about 5 times after we met up for coffee one day and things were going good we had lots to talk about and he seemed interested although he said he wasn't sure yet (Which is extremely confusing for me).. On that same day (The first day meeting him) I met his best friend and the guy i am hanging out with claimed that his best friend "Approved of me".. So after hanging out for like 8 hours i went home and not even 3 hours after i got home i spent a 2 hour conversation with him about practically nothing and he called me. He would also call me all the time like on his breaks and before and after work or he was constantly texting me. now that has slowed down So anyways the long conversations continued and then I went over to his place after him inviting me, everything went well (We have NOT had sex) we spend a long time making out but he didn't once ask for sex or even hint at it.. (Other than the kissing.. Which i started) Later that evening i got home and i got a text from him saying "I like you." I went along with it because I do like him. I asked how he liked me and he said "A like like way." then he backed away.. He has text me a couple times and one time he was apologizing for not communicating that much as he was not feeling well and VERY tired. So the main question I have here is what might be going on.. I don't understand as well as I don't feel comfortable asking him whats going on and maybe have that push him away. He said he has been very busy with work lately too. Does it seem like maybe he has lost interest? and if I were to bring it up.. What is that most appropriate way to bring the topic of whats going on between us in a not so worried way.

Any help from men or women will help

Thanks :)


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  • Why is he using the word "like" and not love? It shows he is not really serious.


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  • He definitely likes you, he's made that obvious.
    What else did you say when he told you he liked you?
    You said you asked him how he liked you, but did you tell him that you liked him back?
    How did the rest of that conversation go?

    Life does get busy on us, it really does.
    He could be going through crap with work, making him tired and cranky and he doesn't want to talk to many people at the end of his days.
    How long has he been doing this, being more busy and talking less?
    Are you texting him too, or only waiting for him?

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