Why is it that I always feel alone?

I want to be in a relationship but the guys I have dated in the past have been jerks and I feel so alone now I don't know why guys on the Internet hit on me because I'm freaking hideous why do people think I'm cute what is there to like about mw?


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  • well start appreciating the guys who are nice to you
    i'm nice to all girls/ women but i get very few thank yous
    for my acts of kindness you know it hurts and i think your
    use to all the dick-heads so maybe that's what you want
    you don't want a real man who can show you real love
    you want dick-head who doesn't care how you feel just
    a very selfish bastards they are

  • I know how you feel. As we speak, I'm waiting for this Saturday, for when I go to a girl's house to say goodbye. I felt like she could be the one. We were waiting for the opportune time to date, but she said that I deserve better. And waiting isn't fair to me. I don't know if she grew bored of me, despite how much she confirmed she liked me, or she found someone else (I'm willing to bet the latter), but either way, it hurts a lot. So I'm going to her house on Saturday to basically say our goodbyes. The anticipation of impending heartbreak is killing me.

    I want a relationship with that *one* girl too. I totally get it. The girl before this, I fell in love with one of by best friends (childhood acquaintance). She broke my heart three times. Now I found this girl, and this is ending too. *Finally* thought I found the one now, even though I've never had a girlfriend. It doesn't seem fair. I'm sure you feel the same way.

    It's not just you. I feel alone right now too. All my friends are away at college. So I'm alone in my home town. This girl was perfect to me, and now I'm losing her too. Truth be told, I would have been lost if it wasn't for a user here basically guiding me through a lot of the steps I took with this girl (understatement). So while you feel alone, I share that too. Trust me. I just want that girl I could love. The girl I can spend my life with. I *thought* I had it here, but it's ending this Saturday, so that's heartbreaking.

    Sorry for making this all about me. I just wanted to give you background so I can say I know how you feel. You'll find your someone. Hell, if *I* can, you damn well better be able to haha. I don't consider myself to be too attractive. And don't worry; guys have a good reason to hit on you. Easier said than done, but don't be insecure. You have no reason to be; you're very pretty. Even if you don't find that *one* yet, use the single time to work on yourself. You're going to be fine. If I can, you can. Best of luck. <3

    • U are perfect and I'm sorry that that is happening to you you seem like a very sweet loving guy where are u from

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    • Thank u so much lol

    • You're very welcome

  • "I don't know why guys on the Internet hit on me"

    I saw a question from you the other day asking any guys or girls to sex chat with you on skype. That could be the root of your problem.


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  • I'm sorry to inform you of this but your attention seeking. There's nothing wrong with you, your just looking in the wrong places. As to the internet guys everyone's there mostly a bunch of horny teenagers and old guys wannking to your photo. Have a good day :)

    • Uum I just want u to realize I'm seventeen u look three times my age and that's harassment so u mam have a good day thanks :)