Is it best for a guy to at least have a job first before approaching women?

I feel a man is only worth to be with a woman if he has a job, regardless of how much it pays. A woman that's worth it may say it's okay, just keep trying at first. However, just because it's hard to find a job won't cut it let's say in 6 months or a year. Eventually, the woman will get tired of the guy struggling to find a job. Also, men who are currently unemployed will have that in the back of his mind before he approaches women. His confidence will definitely take a hit. So my question is, is it better for men to make sure he finds a job first before even getting potential dates?

There you have it ladies. If you see a guy approaches you, you know he has a job. Don't even need to ask.


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  • I wouldn't want an unemployed man approaching me. for what? he needs to get his priorities right. instead of worrying about dates and sex, how about worry how your bills will get paid.

    and why say "a woman whos worth it" might date an unemployed man, as if women who aren't worth it will reject him. ask yourself why a woman should date a guy who has no source of employment? who will pay for the dates? can he even afford it? shouldn't he be pounding pavements looking for work? what if she has a job and doesn't want a man who doesn't work. I mean yeah its hard to find a job but if you don't have one that's what you need to be worried about

    • What? So a man shouldn't even talk to a woman he finds attractive until he has a job?

    • you got it.

    • I agree 100%! Like how can we go out on out first date if I have to pay? Lol NOT going to happen

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  • I think man or woman should be financially stable & secure before they even think about pursuing a relationship. Just think about it. If you don't have your life in order, how do you expect to be with someone? Focus on yourself before you focus on someone else.


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  • I wouldn't approach a girl without a job. A girl might still talk to you but they're going to lose interest after not being able to go on actual dates and things. Especially if she has a birthday coming up.

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