Are you with someone you're not -entirely- attracted to, but who you are "soulmates" with? Perhaps married to?

I've known someone a long time and never got on with anyone so well. Never met anyone so caring. But he's not entirely my type, not totally unattractive by any means as I AM attracted to him, it's mainly found in his ethnicity (nothing wrong with it just that I think that's what it is in terms of outside appearance)

I just wonder about him. I know he has feelings for me and just wonder if he could be the one.
I've only ever been with guys I was infatuated with (was "gorgeous" in my eyes) but total jerks, or losers, or not quite enough in common or didn't like parts of my personality that my friend finds endearing.

Anyone end up marrying someone like my friend that I'm describing, where you felt a lack of total physical attraction? I've never been with someone like this. I want to be happy though and I wonder if he's the one or if I'm just fixating.

Also, this is hard to admit and I totally realize the shallowness. I genuinely want to hear from others. I know I'm not alone with these thoughts...
Was hoping to hear from more, thanks!


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  • What you are describing is how it should be

    • I'm happy to hear this. I've wondered for a while. Not just because of my friend, either

  • My mom did. She never found my dad insanely attractive but she loved his personality and to this day, he's the best husband my mom could have asked for and dad I could have ever wanted.

    • That sounds awesome! :-)

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