Does she like me?

She recently just got out of a relationship and I have liked her for a while now. I never said I liked her I did point out hints and what not so one night I brought her to my truck and I talked to her about how I feel and where I stand. Basicly I said that you obviously know that I like you and I know you just got out of relationship so I'll be waiting and that I respect that she has a purity ring unlike her recent boy friend... in like longer way. I offered to bring her to a dance but she told me her dad just got back and said and for sure when she is free.
The reason she broke up with her boy friend was because he was to clingy and really attached.
The thing I want to know is when should I my move? Does she like me?(we text and meet every day plus we have a class together) I like her and I want a serious relationship. If I am being to "clingy" lmk lolz.


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  • Can't tell if she likes you from this. I guess just ask her out directly and see how she reacts. If she says yes, go on the date, perhaps affirm your feelings, and then see what happens.


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  • She more than likely likes you, make a move in like 2 weeks to give it time.


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