Would a girl ever tell you she had a bf to take you down a peg or 2 even if she does like you?

Let me explain.

this girl liked me. im 95% sure. she asked me out like 4 times. id give a maybe and things never ended up happening.
I didn't go out with her because we work together and I didn't want things to get messy. I didn't tell her that though so to her it may seem like rejection. but were flirting, teasing, touching each other throughout this whole time. both ways. so we both have to know the interest is there.
the last time she asked me out was about 2 weeks ago, she brought up how she was single.
about a week later were flirting again, mostly me actually. but she's still somewhat flirty and friendly. our friend comes over and jokes about me getting a date with her, i say she's the one that wants to date jokingly. I feel like she took it the wrong way like im not interested in her maybe.
I bring up if she wants me to set her up jokingly too because we have joked about it before. she says she has a bf. im pretty sure she's lying. she's flirting with me and seems interested in me. but forget that part. with work being busy and it only being like a week she has like no chances to meet and date and get a bf. she had just said she was single.

sorry for the long post. but to re summarize. if I think she likes me by asking me out 4 times touching teasing and getting no date from me will she lie and say she has a boyfriend, yet still like me? especially after me joking about she's the one that wants to date. i know girls want to avoid looking like they are throwing themselves at a guy who dosent like them. we have been some what flirty with each other since her telling me she had a bf to. id kany opinions.


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  • I don't understand do you like her or not? If you rejected her many times she is likely to put up a front to save face in front of you are the other guy... especially if she was outed as being the one to initiate flirting with you. If you plan to continue to reject her its not unlikely that she'll seek a boyfriend or a date elsewhere, bc she will assume your not interested. Also yes very possible she can still be flirty with you and still have a boyfriend, its just that her friendliness could be seen like flirty behavior if you both shared a history of flirty behavior in the past? Yknow what i mean

    • Oh oh and yes it could be done to bring you down from you high horse lol, I'd do it my crush given the opportunity lol.. mostly to save face

    • Thanks for mho, and good luck to you! :)

    • your welcome, you said what I was thinking, and hoping lol. I ended up complimenting her and she said we should go out for drinks sometime. but im still kind of confused.

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  • Yeah they will if they feel like u are saying she wants to date u, even if it was a joke. Girls r sensative that way


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