I really love my friend but I dont understand him?

I really like my male friend but I don't understand him. AT ALL.
He has 2-3 shades to his personality and every side clashes with the other. He is actually a tv actor for 7 years. its only this year he got fame & recognition.

On one side, he seems self centred, self loving and a big show off. He hails from a rural village and did not how to speak English but claims he learnt it himself and is now a good speaker.
But he always blabbers in English in public and even tries to speak in a foreign accent which sounds fake.
He has a very lean body but has those six packs & he shows that off as well. He really likes how he looks and keeps taking his pictures.
He loves to look and feel important and seek attention.

Then on another side, he seems like he has some issues in life. His mother died years ago.
Sometimes he looks depressed, preoccupied. He loves his pics in which he is smiling & laughing.
Even his friends love it when he smiles or laughs & tell him to always keep smiling coz smiling is precious.
He reads spiritual books like the Fakir and stay alone or all by himself.
He reads books, is knowledgeable and has interest in learning and making himself better.

Then again, he loves female attention. since girls are drooling over him for his looks, he loves it.
Though he has worked with many beautiful actresses, he never got involved romantically.
He has female friends but no girlfriend. But he loves attention of crazy teenage girls.

Recently he was invited to Bali with the cast of his show, and all the crazy female anchors of the show went crazy for him, hugging/kissing him on stage and he was immensely enjoying it.
He even danced with them, taking all the spotlight and attention to himself

Then he claimed he was married which was a big lie. Later he told me that he was fed up of how the girls keep annoying him.
He is 30
What is his type?


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  • His type is typical of many in his position. His self admiration coincides with his love of attention and the attention and adoration of women. The fact that he does not have a girlfriend, to me, suggests that he enjoys being alone and free to see, date or sex whoever, whenever, without attachments.

    All of which does not preclude his desire for self-growth and knowledge.


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