How can I date a guy with a possessive sister?

What should I do? I really like this guy, but I don't want to fight his sister every step of the way. However, she and he are really close. Almost too close. I need advice. Help?

Well I asked his sister for her blessing and all hell broke loose. Now he and I don't know what to do about us.
I don't want to lose him.


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  • I had to disown my sister because she kept interfering with my relationships. She didn't like that her friends kept wanting to date me. But then when I tried to date a girl that wasn't her friend, she'd try to make friends with them, then tell them they shouldn't date me because they're her friend. This happened numerous times, and I finally just disowned her, and won't speak to her now. Several of her friends also quit talking to her because of this. They'd come over to see her, and she'd be too busy making out with her boyfriend to even look at them, yet if they tried even conversing with me that was a problem and she'd put an end to it.


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  • Sounds like his sister is controlling him , if he is age 30 or older there is something
    wrong he needs to get away from his sister, if not he will never have any girl
    i have 2 cousins he lived at home with their mom and sister she came between
    every girl he met, so he is single the mom passed away, now he takes care of
    his sister cause her health isn't good but the sister supposedly has this female friend
    which the family thinks is her lover so you see how things go with this guy of yours
    if he doesn't break lose from his sister than he might be losing you


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  • You need to talk to her and make it clear that you're not back away and you really like him. If you don't stand up against her she will never leave you alone and maybe talk to her brother about you.
    If not, you can talk to him and explain what happens - i would recommend this only if you're seeing him for awhile, other way he can misinterpret
    My advice is to be strong and face her, what can she do after all? Show her what you have now, and she will let it go later :)

    • now he just wants to be friends...

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    • There won't be anyone else. I want him and him alone.

    • Pff, it's really bad then... i don't know how can i help you