Is it customary to practice monogamy? I have always been in a monogamous relationship but now I am done with this idea. I want to explore now?

From ages we have been brain washed by our ancestors to practice monogamy. Do u think its a viable concept now? Open relationships, in my opinion, are more satisfying. U won't have to lie about cheating because it will be a given in your relationship.


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  • I've been in an open relationship before and it was the longest lasting and most staisfying one (according to him back them, he felt the same way). It definitely isn't for everyone (or rather, for most people), but if you and your partner both want it that way, it can not only work out well, it can actually make things easier. But what's absolutely crucial is that both 100% want it that way. Sometimes a partner just says they want it too, because they don't want to risk losing their partner otherwise. It only works if it's a desire you both share.

    As for "there won't be any cheating" - that depends. An open relationship does not mean there are no rules. In fact, open relationships require unambiguous rules almost more so than traditional relationships, since in traditional exclusive relationships most of the rules are obvious from the start and don't need to be explicitly agreed on (except for details - there's more than exclusive relationships and open relationships, there are a lot of nuances in between). So you will definitely have to properly communicate with your partner about what you two are okay with and what not. An open relationship does not necessarily mean anything goes.

    For instance, some couples in open relationships are okay with each other doing sexual things with other people except for actual intercourse. Some couples are okay with anything as long as it's only hook-ups and there is no emotional attachment involved (that was how it was in my relationship).

    So you see, open relationships do not mean there are no rules, obviously. In fact, the rules of open relationships need to be properly communicated even more so than in fully exclusive ones.

    • And please ignore molan's answer, as it is completely narrow-minded and untrue.

    • Wow, the ignorance and narrow-mindedness on this thread astonishes me. I don't know why though, I should be used to it by now. It's GAG after all.

    • Thanks for MHO. I'm not even going to bother looking at the new comments under the other answers. They piss me off to much. If you want to disguss this topic some more with me though, feel free to PM me. :)

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  • There is nothing wrong with exploring. Sometimes the other side of the fence is where you should be to have a fulfilling life.

    Although I have never been in an open relationship (finding 1 woman to have sex with is hard enough LOL), I do feel some couples are much more suited towards open relationships.

    Like you said people are brainwashed. Monogamy is considered to be the only way a relationship will be successful. It's like it's a tradition.

    Just because something is traditional. It doesn't mean there aren't alternatives. And in some cases the alternative is what is needed.

    If you don't try you don't know.

  • Yes it is a viable concept, a non monogamy relationships never works, that is not who the human mind works.

    Open relationships, are not really relationships and won't last in most cases. They might as well just be friends with benefit, living together.

    Cheating is a choice not a must.

    You are free to live in a open relationship, I'll bet you will not feeling happy about it in the end but time will tell.

    Personally non a monogamous relationship is completely out of the question.

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    • Read my answer, there you can see how explicitely I point out how curcial ground rules are in any type of romantic/sexual relationship. You don't get to say what is right or wrong for others, only for yourself. Just because you feel that way about relationships, doesn't mean it applies to everyone else. You couldn't be more narrow-minded and ignorant about this topic. There are no set rules for how a relationship "should" or "shouldn't" be. Every couple has to find their own right way, whatever works best for them. You live in a very small-minded world if you can't accept that. I pity you.

    • @SandPlanet

      As you have said yourself it doesn't work for most people, and many would agree to it, in fear of loosing there partner hence the many fails.

      So no I am realistic, not narrow-minded nor ignorant about this topic. I never claimed there isn't a few exception where it could work, but you and others like you didn't have relationships as I or indeed most people define relationships - You might claim you have, because I can't possible know how your relationship was, except I define a relationship as being exclusive, if by relationship we say marriage or marriage like, clearly you don't agree with that definition.

      Anyone is free to have an open-relationship as previously stated, but I don't believe it will work for anyone in the end, by work I mean by being a happy and jealous free for both at all times.

      I know we don't agree with one another on this and never will, but I recent your condescending tone and remarks.

  • I think monogamy in a relationship is still and hopefully will always be important. Open relationships are just hurtful and unfair to people who get attached to you.

  • If you go the middle east, they have countries over there, that still have kingdoms and the king has multiple wives. Some countries believe in polygamy, others don't I think what you're doing is wrong


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  • I understand what you're saying and agree. I think people should be free to define their own relationships.

    Personally, monogamy works fine for me, but I respect other people's freedom to choose another type of relationship.

  • There is nothing wrong with exploring. Go and explore if you really want to.

    I do not think we are brainwashed or something. Your ancestors mine ancestors had explored and gone through in life. Their experiences are speaking mostly.

    Personally i do not want to share mine partner with anyone. He would be special for me; this is why i would choose him. Relationships are not easy. It is not easy to find a decent man. There is always some pain. There is always some unxepected situations. But the reward is golden.

    In your definition it is not a relationship. There is no *open relationship* in relationship book, i think. So there is no cheating. You can not cheat someone whom you do not belong to. It is friends and benefits. You basically randomly have fun with someone who is not yours. Well this is a choice. Why not. But do not expect same deep sentiments while you have in relationship.

    Personally i am not into those kind of relation. But people are free on their choices.

  • If that's what you want to do, then you should as long as you're with people who also want to do it I don't see the problem.

  • Non-monogamous for me. Current relationship and previous relations are both open. But it's not for everyone! Definitely not, I've seen many fights between couples, jealousy on both sides.

    You need a solid monogamous base anyway before you can switch to open. To start immideatly with an open relationship is were all the drama starts.

  • Yes monogamy is customary, and yes I think it's a viable concept