Has anyone felt like this or am I just very weird?

Im 22 and I've grown up with my mother and brother. I've never med my father and troughout my childhood my mother always taught us to be strong and independant kids/adults.

I've always worked for my own money, i moved out last year and i live on my own now, i go to work and school and i do everything on my own without asking for help.

The only thing im lacking is that "special" someone. Im not that good at dating and im not good at being flirty etc and meeting guys. I've never had a boyfriend , to be honest i can't imagen myself having one, because I've always been used to being alone and independant and the thought of someone else being in my life and "sharing " it together freaks me out.

I've never had anyone surprise me or do anything lovey dovy or by me expensive things, i buy things for myself.
I think what i really want is someone to just be there and to be loyal because i can provide for myself.
I think also my fear of dating is the fact that i dont want to love and than for it to go away and be left alone, because im happy alone but sometimes it sucks.. im not ugly or anything, im fun and funny and people say im rpretty and confident but im not so outgoing when it comes to boys.. im not all over the place and slutty..

I dont know how to change it.. im probably going to die alone

I can't imagen someone chosing me because I've always been use to do just being me
And on top of it all i dont want to settle, i dont want to chose the first guy i meet just because i feel alone i want it to be perfect and connect on every level.. he doesn't have to be perfect but i dont want anyone just because im lonley


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  • My two cents. You're 22. You are still very young. So I'm not going to say it's weird for you to not having a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or whatever you want your special someone to be. The only way you'll die alone is if you allow yourself to die alone. It's not hard to meet someone. I would suggest when you have the spare time, make a list of hobbies or interests you have. Once you have that list, find some groups that pertain to your interests and join them. It will take the ease off of meeting guys because any guys there will be there for the same reasons you are. To be around people who share their interests, and possibly meet someone of the opposite sex as well.

    • i work i have school , friends i, i do a lot of things but still no men

    • If you don't really want one then don't rush it. Because you're not really looking, and the idea of sharing your life with someone freaks you out, you mentally may not even be open to the advances you receive from men. When you're ready for it you will feel it. Until then, just chill.

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  • Are you hot?

  • Loyalty is harder to come by than anything. I honestly think my stalwart loyalty is my biggest weakness because people just tool me. But for anyone choosing to stand by me (not you I'm just blathering), trust is enough for me.

    • Trust and loyalty i see as the same.

    • Similar, but not quite the same. Loyalty is standing by even if you know it could kill you, to help someone else. Trust is believing in a person wholly, and not knowing a thing sometimes.

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  • You are not going to die alone. I'm 18 and I feel the same way. I want to be in love yet I will never take the next step to be. What's meant to be will be and your time will come when you least expect it.