Would you find it strange if your ex-crush was moving to the same place as you?

So when your crush and yourself were on good terms, he/she knew you were moving to a new place and they were moving to an entirely different place. A couple of months before they're supposed to move to their new location they inform you that they're moving to the same place that you're moving to. Would you find this weird?

P. S.

Put this in dating as at the time you were both in the very early stages of dating.


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  • I am the kind of a person who doesn't fall in love/forget easily. So chances are I will still have some feelings for my "ex" crush. So, if I find out we are going to live in the same place, then it would make be very happy. Perhaps, I'll even start thinking we are "destined" to be together or something. So, i'll term it a pleasant surprise!

  • I wouldn't like it at all.


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