First date - Does it sound like it went well....

I went on a first date with a guy that I have been talking to on line.

We spent 9 hours together. We went for a walk, had some lunch, went bowling, had a meal and went to the cinema. In the date we talked a lot about each other and he listened and looked at me quite a few times. He kissed me half way through the date, give me some cuddles and when we was in the cinema he put his hand on my leg and held my hand.

I drove him to the train station, he said thank you for a nice day, kissed me a few times, held my hand and said see you soon. During the date he said to me if we have a relationship how would it work because of you getting to work.

He txt me first last night and I txt him first today. He also made a comment about my status on Facebook and has replied to the messages that I sent him today.

Does this sound good?

Im worried that I messed up earlier by saying to him do you want to do something today. He said that he is skint and has to do some things in his house and that he is sorry. He has replied to my txts since tho.

Also during the date he told me about the operation that he had, told me about plans he has made later in the year and also told me that he has to go the hospital for a check up on Tuesday.

Are these all good signs? Does it sound like it went well? I have not been in the dating game for a long time and would love your opinions. Thank you.


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  • I think it sounds fine.

    I think it's too early to spend back to back days together, but it sounds fine.

    It also sounds like there are some distance concerns. So be aware of that.

    I'd say continue to communicate as long as it's comfortable for both people, but don't worry too much about spending time together immediately. Maybe plan something for this coming weekend or during the week after.

    • Thank you for your answer. Is it bad if he say replies to 95% of my txt messages and not 100% of them? Or am I just being paranoid. Guess if he was not interested he would not have replied at all? or kissed me yesterday?

    • You're being very paranoid, and probably possessive.

      I realize you haven't been in the dating game for some time, but you're going to have to control some of those "gut" reactions you're having.

      Remember, this relationship is only in the beginning, it's not several years down the road. It's going to take time for him to get on the same page with you, so slow down and take a breath.

  • sounds all its all going good to me good luck :)


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