This girl that I like, always sits with 2 guys and she sits in the middle of them too.So this means I will never get to talk to her?

We have classes together and we spoke one time during class and she has viewed a few times but how do I speak with her when she's with those 2 guys.
I think she is single too, judging by her FB!.
Also, just becoz she's with them doesn't mean she fancies them right?


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  • You're overthinking things. After class, tell her she seems nice and offer to buy her a drink at the cafeteria. You can talk to her and get to know her then. If the guys offer to come along, let them. No need to disenfranchise her friends. If anything, you can get to know all three of them, and if the girl is interesting enough, you can at some point in the future talk there at school by yourselves. And if she's not that interesting... well, you tried, and hey, you made three good acquaintances :)

  • You don't want to date a girl who hangs out with guys like this. Trust me.