Does he have an interest? Or am I seeing things?

I really am quite naive with this. I've never had a boyfriend or had anyone interested in me before.
Anyway, I can't tell if this male friend of mine does or does not like me as more than a friend.
We speak quite a bit; we take the same bus home.
Recently, we were on a fieldtrip for our class and we were in caravans. My friend and his friend are going out so we went over to their place for an evening.
The next day he asked if I was coming over again.
Another night he seemed a little put out he couldn't come over when his friends did.
Perhaps I am reading too much into it and just seeing things. But I am wondering if this means he may possibly have an interest or not.

Thanks in advance! :)


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  • I think he might be interested but maybe he wants to take things slow. It seems like you and him click and depending on things you guys are doing and talking about then their could be chemistry and a connection. If he flirts with you then he may be very interested He does seem to enjoy your company and I think the more time you spend and hang out and get to know each then maybe something more can come from this.

    • I don't think he flirts much, I don't think he's the type if that's possible. Perhaps he does and I don't realise it is or he just doesn't flirt with me. Thanks for the answer!

    • Your very welcome for the answer. :) wel ltheir is different ways to flirt like telling jokes, being otuchy feely, etc so many ways. But even if he doesn't flirt still doesn't mean that he may not like you. He could be shy as well. But it does seem he enjoys your company and hanging around you.

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  • Just keep talking to him watch him when you talk to. him do his eyes wander or do they scan you if they scan you step up and whisper Call me later. And then talk to. him ask him to come over or be a strong girl and say wanna go to the movies tonight? Or are u busy Friday. I'm a guy but I would said HELL Yeah. Hope this helped.

    • I actually have a hard time keeping eye contact with people so I don't really look. And I am not the kind of girl who can so easily step up and say call me to a guy. I am pretty shy and nervous. But thanks for the answer!

    • I'm a guy I promise do this once. If it doesn't work then he is either gay (JK) or not interested but try to do that eye contact thing. Hope you get him. Even have it GFS help you.(Practice) xD Read my question for help me please PLZ.

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