Girls, "how far" would you like your guy to go on the first date and the 10th date?

Please, no details about sexual behavior, I deliberately did not ask this question with a sexuality topic.

I'd like to hear the sweet things you'd like your guy to do or not to do. Both on the first date and towards the 10th date.

From a nice chat, over a kiss on the cheek, kiss on the lips, hugging, back rub, foot rub, holding hands,... this is your wish list!


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  • It would entirely depend on if I knew him before the first date or not and how long for.

    If I went on a date with my best friend, I'd be comfortable with a lot.
    However, with a stranger, shaking hands would be the maximum I'd feel comfortable with.


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What Girls Said 2

  • It depends how long i knew him for and hw comfortable i am

    • Sounds logical. Let's say the click is there and by the tenth date you've really started to like each other and have known each other for 3 months.

  • Never been on a date... but have a boyfriend.

    • Okay... my dating history is not very rich either... wish it were different :-)

What Guys Said 1

  • Way, way, WAY too general. Life, and women, are not able to be plotted on a graph. There are way to many variables. If she's a former stripper, there will be one set of answers, a former nun, a much different one! And you have to learn how to adapt, not plan. There will be absolutely no way to judge the intimacy level that you are having with someone. I've had sex on the first date and I've become monogamous before sex. And anything that you plan, it will make it harder to deviate from that plan, which will in turn make your uncomfortable which can ruin the chemistry.

    • Thanks for clarifying that. It's probably also why the question didn't trigger many answers. Lesson learnt!