Should I be worried that my bf keeps liking this girl's photos?

I've been dating my bf for 3 months or so now. I like him a lot and get the impression that he's into me too. However, I've stalked his fb (I'm not proud to say it, but yeah I have) and I've found him liking this one girl's photos for like the past two years now. He has commented on her photos in the past and called her 'very pretty' or 'pretty'.

The thing is he also is friends with the girl's mom on fb and likes most of her photos too. They aren't related in any way.

Should I be worried about my bf liking this girl's photos? She's 6 years younger than him and she's his sister's age (she's 18)


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  • oh fuck off all you overly worried girls scared because a guy liked a girls picture he likes the picture get off him the only thing that will cause him to not like you is being a stalker fuckoff


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  • not really, you've been together for 3 months and clearly that's just something he used to do. I wouldn't worry.

    • He still likes her photos though and recently commented 'very pretty' on one of them.