Have I done the correct thing?

I met this guy 2 years ago. friends with benefits but unfortunately I fell in love with him and he knows this.
We've been on and off for months. I always suffer because he never contacts me and im usually the one giving up after 2 or 3 months to then repeat the circle again.
Well, he told me several times to look for another friend because he only wants to have fun and nothing complicated.

Turns out he's been looking for me online, favoriting me on dating sites. He sent me a pic of his butt last week.

So i sent him a Facebook message this morning. Conversation was this:

-are you showing me your ass?
-just in case you want to see it.
-thank you. Nice. (Then i sent a pic of me) just in case you wanna see me
-wow you get prettier and prettier. And i get old. Not fair.
-you are cute
-kiss you. You are a hottie
-kiss you.

And that was all. Nothing more. He didn't ask how i was or continue chatting. Me neither but i felt as if i cut the conversation and the chance to see him again. Have i done the correct thing here?


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  • Einstein's definition of insanity is "Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results." He has pretty clearly defined what he wants out of the relationship and has told you point blank. Take him at his word. He's not going to change his opinion.

    • He was the one sending me pics and favoriting me.

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    • Yes. And that's all it will be. "he told me several times to look for another friend because he only wants to have fun and nothing complicated" LISTEN TO WHAT HE IS SAYING! I am only yelling because this is common in my female clients, but he has told you EXACTLY what he wants. If a man looks at you as a sexual plaything, there is an almost 0% chance that he will eventually look at you as a girlfriend. I say this having gone through it myself. I had a woman that booty called me BEFORE WE EVEN MET and then would ask me when I was going to take her on a date. "Girl, you defined what this relationship is. It can't go backwards." Women, for some reason, don't listen to a guy and take him at his word. You think there's a deeper meaning or that he'll change his mind or something. We are not that complex. If we say it, we mean it.

    • Yes, i hear you.
      I dont think he might change his perception of me, but i do have changed and i won't accept the breadcrumbs he used to give me. For that reason i dont ask how was he either. Who cares, right?
      Im settting the rules but he is not following me so his lost.
      Im not that easy this time and if the result is him not pursuing me because im putting it difficult or because this time im hard to get, then i will have my answer.

  • yeah i think so


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